Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Review: The Best Fake Pee 

Let’s face it, getting called for an impromptu drug test is always a stressful situation (unless you’re lucky enough to live in a legal state). Most people will start counting back, wondering if enough time has passed since their last smoke session. Others will begin frantically searching for ways to get all the weed out of their system. 

Here’s the thing: there isn’t a 100% reliable way to force all the marijuana metabolites out of your body in a short amount of time. The safest way is to wait it out, which will take anywhere between 40-90 days (depending on how frequently you partake). Sometimes you just really don’t have the time to prepare your body. That’s where Quick Fix 6.2 Plus comes in.

What is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Quick Fix is a mixture of chemicals that will simulate all the characteristics of urine. It’s one of the most popular brands of fake pee on the market right now and maintains that status due to its reliability and affordability. It comes in two versions: a 2 oz and a 3 oz version (the one called Plus). The 2 oz version should be enough to accurately fill up a specimen cup while the 3 oz version will allow room for a little spillage. 

How Does it Work?

how synthetic urine workSynthetic urine mimics the composition of real urine by including all of the basic markers that a lab test will usually look for. It’s not enough for the sample to just look and smell like pee, it also has to have the same structure and composition. Quick Fix 6.2 includes urea, uric acid, and creatinine among other chemicals found in human pee. Going by this Quick Fix Urine reviews by the guys at ScoreLoolp, the Quick Fix formula is balanced for the specific gravity that they look for during drug tests. 

So what does the “6.2” in the name refer to? It’s actually the version of the formula currently being used. The technologies used for drug testing are constantly being updated, which means that the Quick Fix formula also needs to adapt alongside it. 

How to Use

The Quick Fix 6.2 Plus kit will include the bottle of synthetic pee, a temperature strip on the bottle (to actively monitor the current temperature), and heating pads (to maintain the temperature). Here is a basic rundown of how to use the Quick Fix kit.

Prepare the Heating Pads

Activate the heating pads a few minutes before the actual preparation of the sample since you want these nice and warm to maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine as soon as it comes out of the microwave. The heating pads will usually take around ten minutes to get warm, so activate them accordingly. 

Heat the Bottle

Take the bottle of synthetic pee and remove the cap. Put it in a microwave and heat it for about 10 seconds. This should be enough to get it to around 100 °F (37 °C). Put the cap back on and shake the bottle.

Monitor and Maintain the Temperature

Check the temperature strip and reheat the bottle if needed. Take note that the strips might not register the temperature if the solution is heated to above 100 °F. Attach the heat pads to the bottle using tape or elastic. This will allow the pads to maintain the temperature of the bottle and make sure that it stays within the 94 °F – 100 °F (34.5 °C – 37 °C) range. 

Keep in mind that the temperature of the sample is the most important part! It’s the first thing they check upon receiving your sample. The lab technician might reject your sample if it goes above or below the required temperature range

My Review

My experience with the product itself has been very positive, to say the least. It is very easy to use and can be prepared in less than 10 minutes! The formula itself doesn’t need any complicated mixing or prior preparation – you just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and you’re good to go!

There are many other alternatives to Quick Fix 6.2 on the market. I’ve taken it upon myself to do some research on the other possible products. Let’s take a look at why Quick Fix is the way to go.


  • Quick Fix 6.2 is reliable, with an almost 100% passing rate! Most consumers who complain about the product failing them most likely did not follow the instructions. Do not dilute or add anything to the mixture! Each product is also tested and verified before being shipped out. 
  • Quick Fix 6.2 is convenient. It is delivered right to your doorstep and requires no prior preparation! Unlike other products that require you to mix a powdered formula in water, Quick Fix 6.2 comes pre-mixed and ready for use.
  • Quick Fix 6.2 is affordable. At under 40 USD, this is definitely the best way to get the bang for your buck. 
  • Quick Fix 6.2 has a long shelf life. If kept properly sealed and away from direct sunlight, the pre-mixed synthetic urine can last up to two years in storage! 


  • Unfortunately, Quick Fix 6.2 does not ship worldwide as of the moment. It can only be shipped to the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the UK. 

Where to Buy

Alright, you’re probably wondering now about where you buy synthetic urine near me. It might be tempting to check out some of the many cheap deals found on Amazon or eBay, but I would advise against it!

 Some of these sellers manage to mark the price down this low because the product is old stock and might be out-of-date or nearing its expiration date. Others might even be knock-off products that are not up to the same standard.

The most reliable place to purchase Quick Fix 6.2 is straight from the manufacturer’s website. This will ensure that you are paying for an up-to-date product that can ensure maximum effectiveness. It might be slightly more expensive but remember that you’re paying for the assurance that the product will work. 


There are many possible ways to pass a drug test that you can’t possibly pass on your own. Synthetic urine is the easiest way to survive this stressful situation and Quick Fix 6.2 provides you with the most reliable and convenient option, all without breaking the bank.